Inmates on death row in florida

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Pearcy told detectives Dailey killed the girl. Pearcy was convicted first and sentenced to life in prison, but then refused to testify against Dailey.

Meeting America's Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) - Real Stories

Now 64, Pearcy is serving his sentence at Sumter Correctional Institution. At his trial, Pinellas County jail inmates testified that Dailey shared with them brutal details of the murder.

Whether or not Dailey sexually assaulted the year-old is unclear. He died of cancer before Dailey was again sentenced to death in Florida stopped electrocuting prisoners in and now uses lethal injection. Dailey was an Air Force veteran who served three tours in Vietnam. He is from Kansas but fled to California after the murders, was captured and extradited back to Florida.

Bobby Joe Long: Serial killer who killed 10 women executed in Florida

He got the death penalty, but that was later overturned by an appellate court. When he was re-sentenced in , he told the court that now he wanted to live. He was again sentenced to death. Dailey actually got the worst of both worlds. He was 41 when he was convicted and has spent 32 years on Death Row.

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This is the third death warrant the governor has signed since taking office in January, and the second involving a Tampa Bay inmate. Tampa serial killer Bobby Joe Long was executed on May At least 33 of the prisoners who were eligible for relief under Hurst have since been resentenced to life.

'We Call It Life Row': Two of the Youngest US Women on Death Row Describe Life Behind Bars

That list, however, includes people who are no longer sentenced to death because their death sentences have been overturned as a result of Hurst and who have not yet been resentenced to either life or death. Please let us know if you are aware of additional Florida cases that should be included on the list below, or if the status of those on the list should be updated to reflect a new sentencing disposition i.

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  • Because it acquitted him of murder, the court did not need to address the Hurst violation in his case. For more background on the Florida legislative and court actions related to the jury unanimity issue, see Hurst v.

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