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If you need your certificate urgently contact the Births, Deaths and Marriages office. You can order a special birth certificate with pictures and colours, known as a commemorative certificate. You can choose to buy a commemorative certificate on its own, or as a package which includes a standard birth certificate.

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Step 1. Apply online or fill in the commemorative certificate form. Commemorative certificate form PDF Step 2.

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Submit your application to a Births, Deaths and Marriages office by mail, fax or in person. Step 3. Pay the fee. Check the fee. If your baby is born before 20 weeks or weighs less than grams, you can apply for a commemorative certificate. This certificate can't be used for official purposes.

Submit your documents in person or by mail to a Births, Deaths and Marriages office. If you don't apply online, you can fill in the births, deaths and marriages certificate application and submit it with your identification documents :. Births, deaths and marriages certificate application PDF To apply in person take your completed form and identification documents to any Births, Deaths and Marriages office in Darwin or Alice Springs between Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

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Take your original identification documents and copies of your documents to a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Oaths or other qualified person to get the copies signed. This is called getting your documents certified. Send all of the following to a Births, Deaths and Marriages office :.

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Pay the fee - payment is by credit card only. You will need to complete the credit card section on your application form. Fax your documents to: Darwin: 08 Alice Springs: 08 To provide comments or suggestions about the NT. AU website, complete our feedback form.

For all other feedback or enquiries, you must contact the relevant government agency. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Home Your rights, crime and the law Births, deaths and marriages Apply for birth, death or marriage certificate. Apply for birth, death or marriage certificate This page has information on how to apply for a birth, death, or marriage certificate in the Northern Territory.

If applying in person or by post, you will need either of these showing your photo, current name, postal address and signature:. If you don't have those, CBS will accept two of the following, showing your current name and postal address on one and your signature on the other:.

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Occasionally CBS can't find a record to match an application. Processing times can vary depending on the date of the certificate. Check estimated processing times on the CBS website to work out how long it will take to get your certificate. There is no extra postage cost for a fast-tracked certificate sent by express post. Priority service is not available for births that are not registered, commemorative certificates or birth certificates more than years old. AU is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Who can apply Anyone born in South Australia can apply for their own birth certificate. Other people who can apply are: a child's parent a person's child a child's legal guardian - evidence is needed for non-parent guardians the person's current spouse - evidence is needed if surnames are different an executor of their estate, administrator or trustee - evidence of authority is needed someone with written authority or power of attorney - evidence of authority is needed. Apply now. What you'll need You'll need to provide basic information about the person, such as names of parents, and date and place of birth.

Proof of identity Applicants need to prove their identity unless they are applying for a birth certificate that's more than years old.

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If you don't have those, CBS will accept two of the following, showing your current name and postal address on one and your signature on the other: passport Centrelink or health care card pension, seniors or veteran's card credit or debit card, bank statement occupational licence - eg builders licence defence force or police service ID card current Australian firearms licence electricity or gas utilities account telephone or mobile phone account.

If you apply online you can either: be asked a series of questions about the certificate you are ordering that only you or people close to the registered person will know - we will post the certificate to you by registered person-to-person post upload scanned or photographed images of your ID. Other ways to apply. Make cheques payable to Births, Deaths and Marriages.