Can you find the nine hidden people

Probably the one most people have trouble finding is the baby in the ladies arms! Big main guy, whose bald head is formed by the arch, and whose hand is formed by the dog. Bearded old man in wide-brimmed hat, leaning on a stick, looking out of picture.

Old lady in cap, looking to our left. Top left of frame. There are two profiles, looking left and right, formed by the carved pillar on which the bird is standing. And there is a full-frontal face to the left of those two, whose left eye forms the eye of one of the profiles.

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The old bald man with hand on chest 2. The old man standing with hat composes ear and nose of bald man 3. The lady standing in long dress 4. The baby in the ladies arms 5. In upper left there are four faces, 2 on each side of the spire with the bird on top. To the right of the bird you can find 2 face profiles looking to the left stacked on top of each other. To the left of the bird you can find 2 more faces superimposed on top of each other — one face is looking straight at you while the other face borrows the left eye to form a profile looking to the right.

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We have found all 9!! That was really fun. I saw eleven before josu pointe out the twelth, this was a good one and got me off the hook from working for a little bt:. Do you really want obscure?

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Turn photo 90 degrees counter clockwise. Look at the cobblestone area. Half of a face with eye closed. That makes thirteen! Not for nothing, but a bigger, clearer image would help… Some of these are so small…. Anyone see a face in the area to the left of the left column? Two dark splotches make eyes, the next lower splotch is the mustache.

White splotches make the collar. This is kinda Strange realy cool though this is the best mirrage yet ……this is hard.. I can see all the other ones mentioned above BUT!! I can also see one at the bottom of the pillar on the left just above the wall the pillar is on looks like a woman side view long hair maybe with a crystal ball next to her?? I could only see the two people inside the face at first! I played with this one a lot, lightened it, altered colors and shading.

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It is amazing-if I count all the faces I can see not just human , I come up with at least 26!!!!! But the nine human faces are pretty easy to find. In my counting I had Iwas able to find nine of them all. It might take a while, but you can find some inside other faces.

PIC: Can you find the nine 90's bandnames hidden in this Catchphrase style picture?

I quit after 20! There are faces all over the place! There are 3 people just in the top part of the dress upside-down! The bearded in the middle of the photo 2. Use friends and family like a business idea squash court. Bounce ideas at them and read their response. Ask for honesty. Take every comment or suggestion on board, write it down and call it research.

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