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The information we choose to share on social media sites, chat groups, and dating sites is often very different from what comes up when using a search engine. For many people, this makes social media more valuable when it comes to performing a background check on a potential playmate for your child or a possible love interest. These can throw up some red flags that should make you hesitate before pursuing a relationship, or even just an acquaintance, any further. As with using a search engine, however, there are some dangers inherent in trolling through social media sites to get a feel for someone.

The biggest danger is, once again, getting your results mixed up and viewing posts or profiles that seem to be attached to the target of your search but actually belong to someone else entirely. Take the recent incident with the governor of Virginia , for example.

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Accused of appearing in a racist yearbook photo, Ralph Northam has been under considerable pressure to resign from his post. According to Northam, however, he is not in the offending photograph. While this happens to be a publication rather than an online post, given how many images and how much information is shared online, problems like this are only too common on social media. When I performed a Pipl search on myself, however, the results were surprisingly limited, with no reference to my online articles nor any other information from the past five years of my life.

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White Pages is another popular choice but one I was unable to test. White Pages requires a valid business email address in order to create an account but even then tends to produce horribly out-of-date results. Although there are free background check options available, the amount of reliable and relevant information you can gather via these methods is rather limited, especially compared to the best background check services available online.

Not only will a background check service like BeenVerified sort through the results and compile them into an easy-to-read report, but it also has access to more up-to-date records as well as court and criminal records.

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Although public, users will usually find they have to make a payment in order to access records of this nature, not all of which are kept online, making it difficult for private individuals to get their hands on the same amount of information as paid background check services can conjure up. Users have the choice of signing for a pay-as-you-go service or committing to a monthly or three-monthly subscription, depending on how much they need from the service. If you need access to non-digitized court records, BeenVerified can do this for you as well, although it will cost a little more.

Whatever search or report you opt for, BeenVerified will churn out the results with surprising efficiency, collating them into an easy-to-read format that will give you a lot more information than most of us are capable of unearthing by doing a totally free people search. With its mobile-friendly apps, BeenVerified has also made it possible to hunt while on the run and users can download an app onto their smartphone or Apple Watch without paying a cent.

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While obviously not wasting a lot of time thinking up a cool name for the company, the team at PeopleLooker do exactly what it says on the tin — look for people. The service is efficient and comprehensive, gathering information from all the usual sources, including state and federal courts. As with our other top background check services, PeopleLooker manages to do in a few hours what it would take most independent researchers months to compile, even making in-person visits to collect data when required.

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Although PeopleLooker is a versatile and reliable alternative to slaving your way through a free background check, it does charge extra for certain information, including marriage documents, court, and bankruptcy proceedings. For example, my personal Facebook profile is private and will not show up in Facebook search results, but if you type site:Facebook. Alternatively, you can use Openbook.

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Other social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, are also worth a look. Twitter is a different type of social network.

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter asks for very little identifying information from their users. How can you get their phone number and address? WhitePages appears to update its database more frequently. However, it does not list unlisted numbers. WhitePages also offers a premium, reverse phone number lookup, and will show you the location of the phone.

If you want to know if your hot coworker has ever been divorced, or if your neighbor might be running a drug ring out of her apartment, this is how you can find out. CriminalSearches allows you to do a criminal history check on people by name. You can also narrow down the search by city and state, though these are not required fields. You can search by type of record, zip code, state, county and state, or city and state, or you can search international records by region. In Canada you can use Public Record Center. VirtualGumshoe also has a database of public records Websites, including wanted lists, marriage and divorce records, voter records, and death records. Some of these sites are free, while others are pay services, but little icons by each listing will let you know which is which.

Say you got a random phone call at 4 a. However, this information can be inaccurate—as I pointed out above, an initial reverse phone number lookup only reveals the listed area code of my phone not its current or actual location. As for e-mail, well, you can search for people on Facebook by e-mail address.

Also remember to plug phone numbers and especially e-mail addresses into Google, as people tend to slap their e-mails publicly around the Net without even thinking about it. Pipl allows you to search by name, e-mail address, username, or phone number. Pipl is excellent for hunting down information about people whose name you do not know as for people whose name you do know, it mostly just finds what you can find on Google and social networks. The username search is particularly useful, especially because a lot of people use one handle across the Web.

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