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You may now pay your 2nd half Property Taxes or Delinquent Taxes on line with a credit card or e-check. A small convenience fee will be added to your payment. Change your Address for Tax Bills. Request to Combine Parcels.

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The County Treasurer's office is thought of as the keeper of county funds and the tax collector. The Treasurer's office maintains all records relating to property, including:.

Certain features and functions may not perform correctly in previous or later versions of Internet Explorer or other web browsers, and, although these browsers may be used, their behavior or support will not be guaranteed. The county appraisal staff, as required by law, is responsible for the appraisal for tax purposes of all taxable property, real and personal, that the county board of assessors is required to assess. These appraisals shall be made in the manner and at the times required by law.

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  • The county appraisal staff shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of all tax records and maps for the county in a proper and current condition, and the staff shall have custody of such records. The county appraisal staff shall be responsible for preparing annual assessments on all property required to be assessed by the board of assessors.

    Property tax increase possible in Greene County for first time in four years

    Such assessments shall conform to the requirements of law and shall be turned over to the board of assessors for approval on the date requested by the board of assessors. The county appraisal staff shall prepare annual appraisals on all tax-exempt property in the county and shall submit such appraisals to the board of assessors. Each county appraisal staff member shall successfully complete at least 40 hours of training courses prepared and offered by the State Revenue Commissioner during each 2 years of tenure as staff appraiser.

    Law House Bill , must give reasonable notice to property owners prior to making a site visit.

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    Notice is hereby given that a representative of the appraisal staff will be listing new construction from active building permits for changes and improvements which have been made to the property. Seeking Applicants for the Airport Authority. Planning and Zoning Board Meeting November 26, pm - am.